Aceh Indonesia: post-tsunami data sets

After the tsunami, funded by NSF (SES 0416840) and NIH (R01 HD057188), we conducted four rounds of surveying in Aceh. The first in spring-summer 2005 covers 111 villages. The subsequent rounds in the fall 2007, fall 2009, and spring 2012 expanded coverage to 199 villages. We surveyed village heads and leaders of the local fishermen’s association in each village in detail about their villages and the aid effort. We also surveyed over 400 fishermen that can be tracked in 2005, added more in 2007, and resurveyed both sets in 2009 and 2012. These fisherman overall are in a restricted set of 90 villages. More details are in data Appendices in the working papers “Organization of Disaster Aid Delivery: Spending Your Donations” or “Volunteerism after the Tsunami: Democratization and Aid” on this website.
The data on villages can be accessed in the link below. The data for fisherman (with linking ID’s to villages) may be accessed through an IRB protocol which will be managed by Brown’s PSTC.
The village data are for public use. Researchers may want to merge the data with Indonesian public use data (e.g., PODES, P4B) or other public use data (e.g., RAN data).
While the data is made available to the public, researchers will have to try to navigate the data themselves; we provide a lot of documentation.

Village Level Data

VH FH release data