Roberto Serrano
Harrison S. Kravis University Professor of Economics, Brown University
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Research and Writings:
"When a scholar publishes a paper, it is a letter sent to unknown recipients. If the job has been well done, then with luck it may be found and read, perhaps years later, by people who may take it into their lives and let it change their understanding of the world."

Roger B. Myerson, from "Learning Game Theory from John Harsanyi," August 31, 2000

"Number theory fascinated me because (i) the problems are very natural; (ii) they are simple to formulate, a schoolchild can understand them; (iii) the solutions are very difficult and deep, they require years of university study even to begin to fathom; and (iv) the whole subject was absolutely useless, had no practical applications, was a purely intellectual endeavor."

Robert J. Aumann, Nobel Laureate Economics 2005, Autobiography

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