Schedule of Presentations





Sep 10

Martin Guzman Overborrowing Crises and The Role of Expectations  
Sep 17      
Sep 24 Hélène Latzer Income distribution and growth in a quality ladder model: revisiting the Arrow effect


Oct 1 Emilio Depetris Chauvin

On Weather-Induced Income Shocks and the Location of Organized Violence in the Post-1989 Sub-Saharan Africa
Oct 8   Fall Weekend Holiday, no Macro Lunch  
Oct 15 Hélène Latzer Income distribution and vertical comparative advantage: theory and evidence Paper
Oct 22 Ken Tabata Property Rights on Land and Comparative Development in a Malthusian World Abstract
Oct 29

Mongoljin Batsaikhan

(Additional Micro Lunch Presentation)  
Nov 5 Sebastian Bohm The Effects of Factor Market Integration on the
Macroeconomic Development in Unified Germany
Nov 12 Francesco Cinnirella Malthus in the Bedroom: Birth Spacing as a Preventive Check Mechanism in Pre-modern England  
Nov 16 (1pm-2pm) Mark Gradstein The Effects of Economic Growth on Schooling  
Nov 19 Ajay Shenoy    
Nov 26 Andrea Matranga    
Dec 3      
Dec 7(1pm) Axelle Arquié Do liquidity ratios on commercial banks endanger overall financial stability?  
Dec 10      

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