Schedule of Presentations





Feb 24

Enrique Kawamura (UDESA, Argentina) Central Bank Liquidity Management and
"Unconventional" Monetary Policies"
Mar 3      
Mar 10 Mauricio Rodriguez (Tilburg University) Fiscal Weakness, Natural Resources, and the Under-Provision of Public Goods Paper
Mar 17      
Mar 24 No Seminar Spring Break  
Mar 31 Giorgio Chiovelli (Bologna) Pre-Colonial Institutions, Colonial Activities and Development in Latin America Paper
Apr 7 David Glancy (Brown) Local Banking Competition and Capital Allocation  
Apr 14 Farzad Saidi (University of Cambridge)

Inequality in the Field: Experimental Evidence from the Bolivian Amazon



Apr 21


Christos Pargianas (University of Scranton) Endogenous Institutions  
Apr 28 Neil Mehrotra A Model of Secular Stagnation Paper
May 5

No Seminar

May 14 Hyunjoo Yang Provision of local public goods in polarized communities: Evidence from family clans in South Korean villages  
May 19 Vasiliki Fouka and Alain Schlaepfer (Universitat Pompeu Fabra) Agricultural Labor Intensity and the Origins of Work Ethics Paper

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