Selected Publications (complete list of papers available here)

Competing for Consumer Inattention, with Kfir Eliaz and Kareen Rozen, Journal of Political Economy forthcoming

On the Selection of Abitrators - supplement, with Kfir Eliaz and Brian Knight, American Economic Review forthcoming

Behavioral Implementation, American Economic Review forthcoming

Reason-Based Choice - supplement, with Kfir Eliaz, Theoretical Economics, 2012

No Profitable Decompositions in Quasi-Linear Allocation Problems, with C. Bejan, Journal of Economic Theory, 2011

Cores of Combined Games, with Francis Bloch, Journal of Economic Theory, 2010

Marginal Contributions and Externalities in the Value, with Roberto Serrano, Econometrica, 2008

Impartial Division of a Dollar, with Herve Moulin and Nicolaus Tideman,  Journal of Economic Theory, 2008

The Type-Agent Core for Exchange Economies under Asymmetric Information, Journal of Economic Theory, 2007


Working Papers

Mechanism Design with Bounded Depth of Reasoning and Small Modeling Mistakes, with Rene Saran and Roberto Serrano

Fairness Through the Lens of Cooperative Game Theory: an Experimental Approach, with Kareen Rozen

Bounded Rationality and Limited Datasets (online appendix), with Kareen Rozen, R&R at Econometrica and peer-reviewed by NAJ-Econ

Strategic Disclosure of Collective Actions - supplement, with Kfir Eliaz, R&R Games and Economic Behavior

On the Redundancy of the Implicit Welfarist Axiom in Bargaining Theory, R&R Journal of Economic Theory

Egalitarianism in Mechanism Design