Curriculum Vitae

Mailing Address
Department of Economics
Brown University
Box B/ 64 Waterman Street
Providence, RI 02912




Kaivan Munshi
Professor of Economics
Ph.D. Economics , Massachusetts Institute of Technology , 1995

Research Areas

Economic Development, Population and Demography, Economic Analysis of Institutions with a particular emphasis on Community-Based Institutions in Developing Countries

Selected Publications

Strength in Numbers: Networks as a Solution to Occupational Traps.” 2011. Review of Economic Studies 78, 1069–1101. Appendix.

Women as Agents of Change: Female Income and Mobility in India.” 2011. Journal of Development Economics, 94(1):1–17, with Nancy Luke.

Matching in Informal Financial Institutions.” 2010. Journal of the European Economic Association, 8(5):947–988, with Jan Eeckhout.

“Social Affiliation and the Demand for Health Services: Caste and Child Health in India." 2007. Journal of Development Economics , 83(2):256-279, with Nancy Luke.

“Traditional Institutions Meet the Modern World: Caste, Gender, and Schooling Choice in a Globalizing Economy." 2006. American Economic Review 96(4):1225-1252, with Mark Rosenzweig.

“New Roles for Marriage in Urban Africa: Kinship Networks and the Labor Market in Kenya." 2006. Review of Economics and Statistics 88(2):264-282, with Nancy Luke.

“Social Norms and the Fertility Transition." 2006. Journal of Development Economics 80(1):1-38, with Jacques Myaux.

“How Efficiently is Capital Allocated? Evidence from the Knitted Garment Industry in Tirupur.” 2004. Review of Economic Studies 71(1):19-42, with Abhijit Banerjee.

“Social Learning in a Heterogeneous Population: Technology Diffusion in the Indian Green Revolution.” 2004. Journal of Development Economics . 73(1): 185-215.

“Networks in the Modern Economy: Mexican Migrants in the U.S. Labor Market.” 2003. Quarterly Journal of Economics . 118(2): 549-597.

“Inequality, Control Rights and Rent Seeking: Sugar Cooperatives in Maharashtra.” 2001. Journal of Political Economy 109(1):138-190, with Abhijit Banerjee, Dilip Mookherjee and Debraj Ray.


Selected Working Papers

“Why is Mobility in India so Low? Social Insurance, Inequality, and Growth.” with Mark Rosenzweig (revised March 2009).

"Identity, Occupational Choice, and Mobility: Historical Conditions and Current Decisions in the American Midwest." with Nicholas Wilson (revised April 2011).

"Networks, Commitment, and Competence: Caste in Indian Local Politics." with Mark Rosenzweig (revised February 2013).

"Black Networks After Emancipation: Evidence from Reconstruction and the Great Migration." with Kenneth Chay (revised March 2013).