Nathaniel Baum-Snow

Brown University

Department of Economics, Box B

Providence, RI 02912

Phone: (401) 863-2697

Nathaniel_Baum-Snow {at} brown {dot} edu


CV: pdf

Working Papers

Urban Transport Expansions, Employment Decentralization, and the Spatial Scope of Agglomeration Economies

Roads, Railroads and Decentralization of Chinese Cities with Loren Brandt, J. Vernon Henderson, Matthew A. Turner and Qinghua Zhang

Transportation and the Decentralization of Chinese Cities with Matthew A. Turner


Inequality and City Size

with Ronni Pavan, Review of Economics and Statistics, forthcoming

(replication data and code)

Understanding the City Size Wage Gap

with Ronni Pavan, Review of Economic Studies, 2012, 79(1): 88-127.

(replication data and code)


School Desegregation, School Choice and Changes in Residential Location Patterns by Race

with Byron Lutz, American Economic Review, 2011, 101(7): 3019-3046.


Changes in Transportation Infrastructure and Commuting Patterns in U.S. Metropolitan Areas, 1960-2000, American Economic Review Papers & Proceedings), 2010, 100(2): 378-382.

(This version is slightly longer than the published version which was cut due to space constraints.)


The Effects of Low Income Housing Tax Credit Developments on Neighborhoods with Justin Marion, Journal of Public Economics, 2009, 93(5-6): 654-666.


Did Highways Cause Suburbanization?

Quarterly Journal of Economics, 2007, 122(2): 775-805.


Suburbanization and Transportation in the Monocentric Model

Journal of Urban Economics, 2007, 62(3): 405-423.


Effects of Urban Rail Transit Expansions: Evidence from Sixteen Cities with Matthew E. Kahn

Brookings-Wharton Papers on Urban Affairs, 2005.


The Effects of New Public Projects to Expand Urban Rail Transit with Matthew E. Kahn

Journal of Public Economics, 2000, 77(2): 241-263.


Shorter Pieces

Review of The Wine Trials: 2010 by Robin Goldstein and Alexis Herschkowitsch

Journal of Wine Economics, 2010, 5(1): 205-208.


Mismeasurement of Usual Hours Worked in the Census and ACS with Derek Neal

Economics Letters, 2009, 102(1): 39-41.


Current Research Projects

Urban Transportation, Land Use and Growth: Evidence from China 1995-2010 (with Vernon Henderson, Loren Brandt, Matthew Turner & Qinghua Zhang)


Why Has Urban Inequality Increased? (with Ronni Pavan and Matthew Freedman)


Highway Construction, Changes in Commutes and the Impacts on Fuel Consumption (with Yong Suk Lee)


Understanding Public versus Private School Choice at the Local Level (with Byron Lutz)




Urban Economics (Undergraduate) current syllabus

The Structure of Cities (Graduate) current syllabus

Intermediate Microeconomics, Mathematical (Undergraduate) old syllabus