Schedule of Presentations





Sept 12

Glenn Loury

On the Origins and Persistence of Group Inequality

Sept 19

Ishani Tewari 

Is Small Beautiful? Evidence from India's Product Reservation Policy for SSEs 


Sept 26 

Tim Squires 

Malaria's Impact on Economic Activity: Enlightening Results


Oct 3 

Carlos Yepez 

International Risk Sharing in Emerging Economies 


Oct 14 (Fri) 

Eren Arbatli 

Quest for Political Survival: Can External Threats Save the Day? 


Oct 17 

Amanda Jakobsson

In Support of the TRIPs Agreement 


Oct 24  Stelios Michalopoulos Decentralization in Africa: Evidence from within Cultures
Oct 31  Petros Milionis Long-Run Development in the Open Economy
Nov 7 James Kung The Malthusian Quagmire? Maize and Population Growth in China, 1550–1910
Nov 14 Kelly Ragan Sex and the Single Girl: The Role of Culture in Contraception Demand
Nov 21 Federico Droller Migration into the Pampas and Economic Development  
Nov 28 Lothar Grall Natural Selection, Technological Progress, and the Origin of Human Longevity  
Dec 5 Marc Klemp  The Child Quantity-Quality Trade-Off during the Industrial Revolution in England  
Dec 12 Anastasia Litina



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